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Written on: Sunday January 6th, 2008

This was our last stop in Cambodia before heading into Laos and was only supposed to be for a day or two. Unfotunately due to my stupidly thinking there would be cash machines in this town we didn't bring any money, only to find out that there were obviously no cash machines in town, or banks that would take our credit cards for a cash advance.

This meant either a) heading back to Phnom Penh on a two day trip, or b) sending ourselves money via Western Union online and picking up the cash at the local bank (for which we would have to pay an extortionate fee). In the end we opted for the latter choice but still had to wait for two extra days to pass (a Sunday and a National holiday) before we could collect our cash.

In the meantime we took a trip to see the rare dolphins of the Mekong river - which actually turned out to be more like a hunt than a quiet boat trip, as we were joined by several other boats chasing after the Dolphins as fast as they could go.

We also spent what seemed a lot of time walking around the tiny town.