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Siem Reap

Written on: Tuesday December 18th, 2007

You come to Siem Reap for one thing alone - the temples of Angkor. Now I have moaned a lot about temples after seeing so many in China and feeling all "templed out" but these were different and I don't mind saying, pretty spectacular.

The temples were built nearly a thousand years ago and vary in their condition. We started the day at 5 in the morning ready to join the masses of tourists to watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat (the largest temple and in the best state of repair) which is apparently the thing to do. I found it a little disappointing due to the hoardes of tourists clicking away at their cameras and shining intensely bright halogen video camera lamps in our eyes.

After this though and in proper daylight we were able to spend the day being driven around the massive area from temple to temple by our tuk tuk driver. The highlight being the temple of Ta Phrom which was like being on the set of an Indiana Jones movie.