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Phnom Penh

Written on: Friday December 14th, 2007

After a few hours in a bus across the Vietnam/Cambodia border we arrived in the capital. In the same way as crossing into Vietnam from China, you immediately notice the drop in wealth coming into Cambodia with its more run down and rural feel to it, not to mention the bumpy bus ride across the terrible roads, some of which are simply dirt tracks.

This however was a very enjoyable stay in a guest house sitting on a lakeside and the locals are all very friendly... obviously because they want your money somehow, but even so very likeable.

The main reason to come here is to visit the killing fields and see the skull monument, and also to see the former Phon Penh school turned into a prison during Pot's regime - S.21 and see the infamous mug shots and old prison cells. All very horrific and depressing but it had to be seen.

Other highlights included seeing a few Cambodian Kick Boxing matches which were pretty damn violent and of course, we got to shoot some guns! AK47 and Uzi.... Yeah!