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Written on: Sunday November 25th, 2007

Finally I can say "I was in 'Nam"!

After a few hours on a bus from the China/Vietnam border we arrived in the capital. Surprisingly small and less developed than expected, Hanoi is a nice little capital city. What makes it better is the people - more friendly than the Chinese, and they don't spit everywhere, and despite what we'd been warned of they don't hassle you as much with their sales pitches.

Vietnam hands down beats China and Russia for the chaotic traffic on its roads, and getting from one side of a road to another through the hoards of mopeds in Hanoi is a skill you must quickly acquire - basically walk slowy across and let them all swerve and dodge around you and hope you don't get hit.

I don't really want to complain about the amount of tourists here (much more than anywhere we have been so far) because I'm one of them and I can't expect to have the place to myself, but it kind of makes you feel like your not really going "off the beaten track". Then again, do I really care? Hmmm - not sure.