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Written on: Thursday November 22nd, 2007

As Si has said one of the best places we visited in China. I wont bore you with how beautiful the scenery on the Li River was - the photos speak for themselves (when I can actually find a computer on which to upload them). The town of Yangshuo itself was refreshingly small and much more of what I expected the whole travelling experience to be like.

After what has seemed like a very long time since we were last really hammered, we made up for it here with a decent two nights in a row - the second one being the heavier. Doing this once in a while is also a good way to remind you that despite being in a relatively cheap place you can still spend a shed load of cash in a few hours, especially on bottle's of whisky which you get caught stealing from behind the bar.

I'm now writing down on paper everytime I withdraw cash from the machine, to try and change the habit of spending twice the money I budgeted for in the first month..... Credit cards and overdrafts here I come.