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Written on: Friday November 16th, 2007

To emphasise Simon's comments, this place was freezing. We came here to see Shaolin Si (where Kung Fu originated) and some more Buddhas carved out of rock. Had we known it was going to be so cold, and that the Shaolin Si temples were yet another excuse for the Chinese to make a massive money making tourist attraction, then we would have given it a miss. As it was we came and saw one of the temples and a Kung Fu display, and then sat in the restaurant until our bus was ready to leave. After getting back into town we made the wise decision not to freeze our arses off anymore by going to see the Buddhas and instead waited for the train.

I'll end this entry with a little tip for anyone thinking of visiting China: Don't try and see everything in the guidebook just for the sake of it - temples and Buddhas can quickly get boring, and be warned that all of the attractions feel very touristy and you can't escape the annoying desperate sales attempt by the locals.