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Wudan Shan

Written on: Tuesday November 13th, 2007

Wudan Shan gave us that feeling that we were something special again, as we were the only westerners in town and received a multitude of the stares and comments that we have been getting used to - although I'm not sure if I like it as much anymore.

I came here expecting a couple of temples up a mountain and some Kung Fu displays and lessons. What we actually got was yet another ancient temple followed by several hours of climbing steep steps up to the top of the mountain to another bloody temple, which quite frankly I'm getting bored of..... and we didn't see any Kung Fu. Don't get me wrong however, as the grueling walk was well worth it in the end, just for the fantastic views from the top of the mountain.

And for those of you that are bored of my whining and of my stories of amazing views, you'll be pleased to know that as I write this nearly a week later my legs are still in a lot of pain from all those bloody steps.