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Xi' an

Written on: Sunday November 11th, 2007

I quite liked this place. Mostly for the fact I was releaved not to be breathing in the heavily polluted air of Datong. The reason we came here and the highlight of the city was the trip out of town to visit the Terracotta army - thousands of life size pottery soldiers made to protect the obviously quite insane Emperor of the time in the afterlife. It was definitely a sight worth seeing, but was slightly spoilt by the thousands of tourist moving around the arena built to enclose the sight. The guide book describes it as an "eerie experience looking at the thousands of warriors all individually designed staring back at you". I would describe it as bloody noisy.

Apart from the warriors we saw a pretty cool fountain and light show back in town and continued to use the crouch crapper in the Hostel only to find out just before we left that they in fact had a proper bog. And when we left my chest and nose were still as bad as when we arrived.

photos to follow soon.