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Written on: Monday November 5th, 2007

Beijing - come here and get stared at by Chinese people! I thought they would have seen enough westerners by now, but we still have the novelty factor, and we keep getting chatted up by young Chinese girls eager to practice their English. Saw the Forbidden City today and an acrobatics show. Going to the Great Wall tomorrow.

Right - read Si's blog for the finer details as I, as usual, can't be arsed to write that much. Suffice to say we were a little bit conned over tea and fruit and Si was a lot unhappy. I am still liking the Chinese people and despite the tea incident remain unsure as to us being fleeced or not. Many Chinese people have compared the variation of cost of their tea to our Whiskey.... and it was a bar belonging to one of the nicer Beijing hotels.

Beijing is a definite recommendation of mine. A couple of hours drive to the Great Wall is enough to justify any visit here. The people vary from too friendly, to rude, to trying to get some money out of you. Anyway, if you keep on your guard and make sure you ask the price of what your buying beforehand, you'll be fine. Oh, and check your change when you buy from the little kiosks so you don't end up with forged Yuan notes like I did.


From Uncle Dickhead on Nov 10th, 2007

As you may know we have your mummy staying for the weekend, she has asked me to remind you to be a good boy and behave yourself. However as far as I am concerned you can be as big a prat as you wish.