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Trans-Siberian Railway

Written on: Tuesday October 30th, 2007

6 nights on a train with a couple of 10 minute stops a day. This journey makes me understand better how prisoners become institutionalised. Time flew by and I was hesitant to leave the train in Beijing. If you think this journey is a multitude of scenic views by day and being gently rocked to sleep at night then think again.

The reality is two views from the windows: firstly desolate Russia and its smaller but more 'Russian' towns and secondly the Gobi Desert. I think my window highlight was being saluted by the Mongolian border guards as we left their country. Then there's being jerked around violently at night and day by a driver who obviously hasn't got the hang of the brakes.

Daily routine: Get up. Eat. Play cards. Drink lots of Vodka and get spoken at in Russian by Russians, drink some more Vodka and then speak at some Russians in English and very bad Russian from a phrase book. Play some cards. Drink some more booze with the thousands of Swedes on the train. Go to sleep. Get up and do it all again. Completely lose track of time. Great.