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Written on: Saturday October 27th, 2007

OK - my advice to all on Moscow: Come here for about 3 or 4 days and then go to St Petersburg - it's much better. Moscow is a big City with not a tremendous amount of character in my opinion. Go see Red Square and Lenin's preserved body (free entrance), but don't get there 10 minutes before the tomb shuts like Si and I did, otherwise you'll only be allowed in with a "guide" which of course you have to pay for. If you're interested in the history then pay to go inside the Kremlin, if not, don't bother. If you want to see a collection of old carriages then pay for entrance to the Armoury, if not, don't bother.

Apart from that we enjoyed the usual nights out as you will see in my photos.


From Mike on Oct 28th, 2007

Great to speak with you on Skype!!. Keep having fun.xxx

From naliah on Oct 31st, 2007

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