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Written on: Thursday October 18th, 2007

We are staying in the old part of town in Tallin. Itīs a small and very pretty place, which is made up of an old stone fortification which surrounds most of the old town. There is a network of old tunnels underneath parts of the city which we had a guided tour through. Weīve already been here for three days and this is our final night tonight. I canīt say the Estonians are the friendliest people - getting them to smile is almost impossible. Iīm having a great time but have already managed to lose my bank card, although I havenīt got a clue how or where. Nevermind, I have another one I can use so nothing to worry about. Iīll upload some photos soon.



From Matt Morris on Oct 22nd, 2007

Lost your bank card, just like in Miami eh!! Glad you're having a great time. Don'r forget to take a tour of the ships diesel decks!