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Written on: Tuesday April 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: My Culture

Born in Colombia, I have always though of it as a place that can be described with many words but summarized in one: folklore!

Colombia has a large ethnic diversity that can be identified in different traditions. The different roots and customs of indigenous people, Spanish and Africans have produced interesting fusions, particularly in crafts, sculpture and music.

Colombian music incorporates both the African rhythms of the Caribbean, Cuban salsa and heavily Spanish-influenced Andean music.

Our official language is Spanish. However, there are also different indigenous communities that have conserved their dialects. In fact, nowadays, there are currently 38 different indigenous communities that have survived from the constant impact of colonialism and neocolonialism throughout time.

Catholicism remains the dominant religion.

Colombian cuisine consists largely of chicken, pork, potato, rice, beans and soup. Interesting regional dishes include: ajiaco (soup made with chicken and potato which is a Bogotano specialty); hormiga culona (a sophisticated dish, unique to Santander, consisting largely of fried ants); and lechona (whole suckling pig, spit-roasted and stuffed with rice and dried peas).

However, it is important to mention that all these traditional features are constantly expressed as our folklore is highlighted regionally in different festivals. In fact, I think that there is always a festival to be celebrated at any time of the year.



From Larissa on Apr 25th, 2008

David, thank you for your explanation of Colombian culture as defined by the International Mission Board (IMB): http://southamerica.imb.org/Country_Profile/colombia.htm Why don't you tell us, in your own words, what your culture is.