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Back to Civilization

Written on: Saturday February 16th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ghana Nurisng Adventure 2008

Hello all

Yes i have made it back to civilization. This is justified as access to the internet of all things. We landed in Accra after a long 33 hours of straight travel. The 6 hour layover in Milan ariport had to be the highlight of this excrutiation flight plan. However, we made it safe and sound. (luggage and all thank god!!) Stepping off the plane, we were hit by a blast of the Ghanian heat and humidity. Sticky with sweat instantaineously. THe next day we travelled down the cape coast to a slave castle. Unaware of the 6 hour return trip we were all a little irritable, but the trip prooved worth it. The caslte was hauntingly eary but an interesting piece of history to experience. The next day we left for Enchi. This is where i have been for the last 10 days. It was amazing and unforgetable experience. Of which i will post more stories of. Unfortunitly i am off for another 9 hour bus ride to Tamale. Hot! but enjoying every minute of it. My group is great. No drama yet. (Which i cannot say for the rest of the girls) All my love. following is the number if the cell phone that our group of 5 will have for the remainder of the trip. I can be reached here anytime. Just remeber we are 8 hours ahead!

more soon