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Fort Lauderdale

Written on: Sunday April 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Savannah to the Bahamas

After a brief stint in the Bahamas, our yacht is now back in the good ol' U S of A.  We will call Fort Lauderdale home for the next few weeks while the yacht gets prepared for the upcoming summer season in New England.  Rough seas awaited us on the way back from the Bahamas, with waves reaching upwards of 10 feet at times.  More than one of us was a little seasick.  I survived off some saltine crackers and gingerale, but I am proud to say I did not barf!
Our first night back in Lauderdale was a big one, with a big yachtie party awaiting us straight away.  Since then its been sunshine and beaches and big nights out. Life is good!


From mom on Apr 10th, 2007

Glad you are safely back in Fort Lauderdale looking forward to hearing more about your future travels always remember stay safe miss and love you lots. Mom

From Jim on Apr 26th, 2007

You keep saying there's pictures of you working hard, but I can't find them!