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Emerald Bay!

Written on: Tuesday March 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Savannah to the Bahamas

We have just arrived in Emerald Bay in the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas.  Our trip from Fort Lauderdale went relatively smoothly, despite some bad weather.  At one point the seas were 5-6 feet, and our boat is not the most seaworthy yacht out there, so rocked and rolled a bit last nite (and not in the musical sense).  Fortunately, no one was seasick (however hungover they might have been) and we arrived here in the Bahamas at around 9 am.

Docking, however, was less successfull.  The marina is newly built, and not very accomodating to yachts as large as us.  The wind was blowing 25 knots, and without sufficient room to manuver properly, we were blown into the pilings in the marina. So basically, we've already hit something.  There was a bit of damage to the boat, but we are stuck here in the middle of the marina at the moment, unable to get into a slip. So this big huge yacht we are on is stranded right smack-dab in the middle of the marina, in everyones way, and blocking off about 6 slips.  But hey, we're comfortable. So everyone else can just deal with it!!

We are located in Emerald Bay on the Grand Exuma Island.  The Four Seasons Resort is within walking distance and the facilities are free for us to use.  Whether the resort knows that or not still remains to be seen. There is the beach, pools, bars, a casino, a gym, and spa all at our disposal.  Drinks are an expensive $15 a piece, so we'll be doing most of our drinking on the yacht before going out.  We went to the beach today and swam after work.  Afterwards we had a pina colada poolside.  The pool features underwater speakers, so when your head is below the surface you can hear some bob marley playing underwater. What will they think of next? We have until Friday to get the boat in tip-top form before the boss gets on, and after that i'm sure there will be plenty more to see!


From Bryan Rite on Mar 12th, 2007

Glad to have you back and posting again :)... hey you're near Mango, let me know if you see her.

From Deirdre on Mar 23rd, 2007

Love it girl! Your photos from Laurel make it look like a dream! Oh how they lie... and I'm in there too (though it be only implied, I kow who you're talking about!) Love you kaboodles of oodles!

From Danielle on Mar 27th, 2007

Your so amazing, way to live life to its fullest! I am jealous... when your home and up at mom and rustys or close by, gimme a call I would love to reconnect! Danielle& the 3 boys

From Mom on Mar 28th, 2007

Way to go kiddo, wish I were there we will have to revisit some of these neat places together someday. I am really proud of you. Be carefull and remember I miss and love you oodles.