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oh Dublin!

Written on: Friday June 6th, 2008

A journal entry from: Exploring the Baltic Sea by Yacht

It was a great feeling, standing out on deck as we cruised into Dublin. Finally, land again!

We arrived as the sun was setting on the eve of a bank holiday, and the streets were packed with people celebrating. Everyone was looking at us as we docked, snapping photos and pointing and staring in awe. I guess not many super yachts cruise right into the city. I was on watch our first night, (un)fortunately. Which meant that I missed out on both the huge celebration in town, but also the terrible hangover my crew suffered from the next day.

We had to work during the days, but our evenings were free to explore. I spent the first evening walking around, exploring St Stephen's Green, Grafton Street, and the Temple Bar neighbourhood. I sat in the pleasantly crowded park alongside what seemed like most of Dublin, enjoying the sunshine and getting some earth between my bare toes once again.

One of the evenings was spent catching up with a friend I met in Thailand, who showed me around his home town and joined me for a delicious meal. My evenings were fairly quiet, but they were just what I was looking for.

Of course, as luck would have it, as soon as the sun stopped shining we were granted a couple of days off. I used the first one to sleep in (which happens RARELY on yachts) and headed up to the Guiness Brewery Tour with a couple of crew members. We walked through a few beautiful neighbourhoods on the way, but unfortunately my pictures are very grey, capturing the true spirit of rainy Dublin. That evening, we took the most expensive taxi ride of my life up to the "highest elevation pub in Ireland," Johnnie Foxes. We had a delicious meal and listened to some traditional Irish music, which was fantastic!

The next day was a wandering/exploring day for me. I checked out a never-ending bookstore, found my postcards, and took a bunch of photographs. The doors in Dublin are beautiful!! Such bright colours!!!

Our guests arrive tomorrow, so time off will be limited, but our next stop is Scotland and hopefully I will have a chance to step off the boat and explore a little.


From Dana's Mom on Jun 8th, 2008

Dana your pictures are great. It sure is a pretty city. You look great in the photos maybe a little tired.

From Bryan on Jun 8th, 2008

Hey baby! I like your pictures, especially the doors, very nice. Miss you lots!