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Written on: Wednesday February 13th, 2008

Valentines day is a great day to travel to Amsterdam. I'll tell you why. After flights and trains and more flights and trains, when finally arrive at your desitination, tired and weary, there are lovely Dutch boys giving out roses to girls as they step off the train. Those Dutch people sure know how to welcome a gal!

I left vancouver on the evening of February 13th, and arrived in Amsterdam on the 14th. My friend Graeme (fellow footstopper) now lives in a city called Haarlem (not to be confused with the Harlem in the states, god no!) which is only a 15 minute train ride from Amsterdam. Jet lagged and famished, I met Graeme and my dear friend Andrea at the train station in Haarlem, and we dragged my tired ass and large cumbersome bag around to restaurants and pubs. Nourishment is important. Our first meal was an interesting tapas combo, and the conversation was probably better than the food. The Dutch definitely are not known for their food. Besides cheese.... mmmm cheese! But that night three Canadians gathered somewhat strangely in a small Spanish restaurant in the Netherlands and caught up with one another. It was agreed that we are oh-so international.

Day one of Amsterdam involved Andrea and I raising from our slumber, and leisurely preparing for a day of sight seeing in the capital whilst Graeme earned himself a living. As is typical for Andrea and I, our first concern was: food, second: sights. Feeling nourished and awake, we visited the Anne Frank Museum first, (although we did get slightly sidetracked at the Homomonument...). The Ann Frank House was quite a special experience. For anyone who has read the book, it will give you goosebumps to wander through the home she was confined to for two years. After absorbing the experience, we decided to move on to the next destination: coffee of course.

Lesson one about Amsterdam: look out for bikes. Don't worry about cars, just be sure as hell you look out for bikes.

Anyways, being up for a whole three hours and tuckered Andrea and I out, so we headed to a close by coffee shop to boost our systems with caffeine... And then blah blah blah suddenly it was time to meet Graeme.

The three of us visited the Van Gogh museum, which was amazing. (I just have to say that of all the paintings, Graeme's favourite was that of a painter other than van Gogh, and the subject was a pan of fried eggs. He said it made him feel something... hungry). I found the experience quite amazing, since I've been a van Gogh fan since before I even held a paintbrush of my own.

But the eggs had made Graeme hungry, so we found a nice hearty meal of melted cheese, which I was told was actually lasagna (the jury's still out on whether it contained a single noodle or not). But no matter, another great time spent with friends, being SO international.

That night Graeme and I decided to "party like rockstars" and dragged poor Andrea along for the ride. I think we arrived back at Graeme's at 8 in the morning. After a blurry train ride, and apparently some harassment on my part toward Graeme's portuguese friend. Sorry.


From Bryan Rite on Mar 14th, 2008

Aw, that picture of you and your boyfriend looks so cute... :)

From Dana on Mar 16th, 2008

shhh bryan. he's not my boyfriend. you're ruining my 'available' image on footstops... you never know, there might be a handsome footstops member out there trying to pick me up, and you're making it look like i have a boyfriend!