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Saturna Island Wine Festival

Written on: Monday September 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer at Home

Now, i am certainly a big fan of birthdays (and not necessarily a fan of proper punctuation and capitals, forgive me) and this year i was determined to have the best birthday EVER! so i decided to attend the saturna island wine festival along with my friends to commemorate this momentous milestone in my life. after all, we only turn 23 once, right?

so we loaded up the sailboats, and made our way to poet's cove for the first night on pender island, to enjoy the hot tub and pool, while we drank cocktails and rewarded ourselves for a great afternoon of sailing. the winds were great, our crew outstanding, and the food and beverages were delicious (obviousl the most important thing, really).

the next morning after breakfast, we set sail for saturna island, and no sooner was the boat tied up when we were all presented with more delicious cocktails to start the day off right. the festival included tastings, food from wonderful west-coast restaurants, and plenty of awesome activities. there were three-legged races, pie eating contests, grape stomping competitions, and enough sunshine and good live music to turn even the sourest moods to pure joy. nancy and i competed in the three legged race, and i'm quite confident that had we not been enjoying the wine tastings so thoroughly earlier that day, we would have won for sure. ah well, our friends ended up winning the grape stomp competition, and cathy was able to secure her title as "miss saturna island" (something she is VERY proud of, and has worked hard to keep, for several years in a row now).

after the festival wrapped up, we walked down to our friend's property to continue drinking our wine and enjoy the magnificent sunset. that night we all had a big dock party, and i never did look at my watch but i'm sure we stayed up way too late. the next morning was a wet, windy, hungover sail home, but thats a small price to pay for the best birthday ever!!!!