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Camping at Pachena Bay

Written on: Saturday August 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer at Home

who could think of a better way to spend a birthday than camping with friends at the beach? my friend andrea sure couldn't, so she organized a little camping excursion out to pachena bay on the west coast of vancouver island to celebrate her 23rd spin around the planet. we loaded up casey's truck with everything you could need for a camping trip, and headed out west. had we not even made it to pachena bay, the ride out there was entertaining enough. now, not to speak ill of casey's driving abilities, but there was more than one occasion i thought i saw my life pass before my eyes. that being said, there were equally as many laughs and sing alongs as well. not to mention a few breath-taking sights.

we made it out to pachena bay mid afternoon the first day. we chose a lovely spot right on the beach, complete with a checkered table cloth left behind by previous campers. casey and his friend set up shop with a fire and a tarp, and andrea, scott, hannah and i set out to explore the area. that night we enjoyed a tasty dinner and a 'few' beverages, and the party got better as more friends showed up. there were guitars all around the fire, and more than enough people to sing along with our beloved musicians.

the morning saw the sunshine eventually chase away those nasty rain clouds vancouver island is oh so famous for. we couldn't have asked for a better day actually - some brave souls ventured into the cold water for a swim (after thailand, i had grown accustomed to somewhat warmer swimming conditions, so i stayed on the beach like a wimp). we played some intesnse rounds of beersby - an adaptation of frisbee i picked up along my travels, combining frisbee, aim, intimidation and some fierce competition among friends. i think my team won the tournament, naturally. its not the other team's fault, i'm a ringer, what can i say? that night we feasted on some fish that casey had caught, and gathered round the campfire once again for some singing and drinking.

the next morning we packed up the campsite, and friends of ours realized they were missing their car keys. after our search party combed the campsite in vain, i stated: "wouldn't it be nice if we had a metal detector?" and in good camping karma, lo and behold, a man with a metal detector walked by.... no word of a lie. taryn (with all her charm and grace) persuaded him to let us borrow his contraption, and of course the lost keys were found in the car owner's pocket while taryn scanned the beach. of course.

friends, campfires, beer, great food, beersby, and the west coast - a recipe for the best weekend ever!