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Vive Quebec!

Written on: Tuesday July 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: East is East

We left Montreal and headed to Quebec city one sunny afternoon. We used this service called Allo-Stop (a system we could DEFINITELY adopt out here). So we paid a small fee, and hitched a ride with a guy who was driving out to Quebec city. I sat in the back seat and reviewed Andrea's french phrase book to practice... apparently I was a little rusty with the language since I left highschool. We were dropped off at a gas station outside the city, where we promptly called our 'couchsurfer' host. He picked us up and took us to his friend's house, and on the way we stopped at a grocery store for some bbq fixins and beer (I love that province, tell me why you cant buy beer in grocery stores and gas stations all over the country? They're on to something, I tell ya). We met his friends, played in the pool, and enjoyed delicious food. That night, we all headed out to see a concert together.
Still jet lagged and exhuasted, I managed to drink some energy drinks before the show and miraculously stay awake long enough to go out for beers after the show as well. The next morning our host made us pancakes with REAL maple syrup - we were going to do everything as touristy as possible. One of our new friends met us out one night for beers, and we somehow convinced him to be our tour guide of the city the next day. Andrea and I spent the morning exploring on our own, and I had my first ever taste of poutine (delicious, but for some reason I felt my heart slowing down as I ate... I wonder why?) We did a little shopping before meeting our tour guide for lunch. He showed us around Old Quebec, and gave us a very informative tour - he took great joy in showing us "Canadians" the National Assembly building! We ended our tour by drinking red wine on the Plains of Abraham, and snacked on bread, cheese and chocolate - a perfect way to end a wondeful day!
Not enough time to really explore the whole city, but we were on a tight schedule. Next stop: the Big Apple!