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Montreal, round One

Written on: Sunday July 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: East is East

After a 17 hour flight from Bangkok, I met my long lost friend Andrea at her friend's apartment in Montreal. I was incredibly jet lagged, but my motto has always been "you can sleep when you're dead" so who was I to miss out on Montreal and sleep instead?
We went out to explore the Old Town, as I sipped on multiple coffees to try and wake up. That night we went to a concert, and enjoyed a bit of the Montreal night life.
We had dinner at an incredibly unique restaurant one evening - vegan food prepared by a flamboyant frenchman wearing purple velour pants who served a set menu, your only choice was portion size, and you could not try the next course until you had cleaned your plate.... a very good way of preventing waste! Delicious food, good wine, a unique experience and lovely conversations, who could ask for more?
We were only in Montreal for a couple of days before heading off to Quebec city... I had only a taste of the city, the rest would have to wait until next time....