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Written on: Wednesday July 5th, 2006

A journal entry from: Europe on a yacht

so the guests got on the yacht in venice, and we toured around with them onboard for three weeks. because there were guests on board, we didn't get any time off, so most of what i saw of greece up to this point was through a porthole. there were times i got to go out on deck (fold beach towels, check on sunscreen baskets etc) and check out my surroundings. i think its safe to say i went outside to "check on things" more frequently than i really needed to... i just wanted to get a glimpse of all the places we went! technically, i travelled all around greece and the guests enjoyed the best of the greek sites.  but seeing as i didn't step off the boat for three weeks, i don't count any of those places when i think of where i visited.  i did get to enjoy the passage to the corinth canal.  it is a man-made passage through an island.  we were able to stay out on deck for a half an hour or so to take photos, but then it was back to work.  sometimes, working on a yacht is not as glamorous as it sounds!! we did however get a whole day off in athens at the end of the first guest trip. the owner of the boat arranged a day long tour of the city, complete with stops at all the hot spots. armed with a cooler full of beers and wine, we took off to enjoy the city.  after a whole day of sight-seeing, we capped off our first nite out in three weeks with some fabulous food and copious amounts of ouzo. i love that stuff!

the day after athens, the boat departed for the island of rhodes.