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living in savannah

Written on: Sunday February 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: Savannah to the Bahamas

i am currently living in savannah georgia on a new yacht. this boat is 175 feet long, built in australia. let me tell you, australians are not the best boat builders around.  because of their shoddy craftsmanship, we have been stuck in the yard for longer than we expected. we were meant to be in the caribbean around christmas time, but that just hasn't happened. so here i am in savannah, making the most of the situation.  the book "midnight in the garden of good and evil" is about savannah... it's a pretty interesting place!! i have been working weekdays, living a somewhat normal life, which is a nice change after the 6 months of hectic living aboard the last boat i was on.  we have befriended lots of local savannahians, in addition to all the other yachties in the shipyard here. this city is full of history and beautiful architecture. the weather was fantastic up until the past couple of weeks. now the temperatures are around freezing, which is not fun when you're washing down a boat in the wind and rain.
even though i am disappointed i am not in the caribbean, i have had heaps of fun anyways in savannah. tybee island has provided some good beach days (bocci ball, beers and music included).  my captain took me out for my first ride on a harley out there one day, and i experienced true low country cuisine (oysters, and deep fried everything!) on sunny days, we fill up the hot tub on the sundeck, strretch out on the sunbeds, and pretend like this yacht is ours! i've been salsa dancing, exploring famous cemetaries, checking out the spot where forrest gump's bench once was, gone on ghost tours, and have scoped out SCAD, one of the best art schools in north america. who knows, maybe i'll go there one day to finish my industrial design degree!!!
now that the boat has moved back into the water, we are preparing to leave for fort lauderdale in 2 weeks hopefully. after that, its on to the sunny caribbean!!

check the travel journals for the europe photos for those of you who haven't seen them.

also, stay tuned. Motor Yacht Sea Bowld will be on the move next week.... Caribbean here we come!


From Robbie on Feb 5th, 2007

hey man. great use of the site! sounds like a crazy journey! keep in touch! _r

From Bryan Rite on Feb 7th, 2007

Glad to hear you got it sorted out Dana... I'm just in the middle of redesigning it all so its more clear as a number of people have had the same problems! Good luck on your trip, it sounds very exciting!

From Babs on Feb 8th, 2007

WOW I am in awe.. you're getting all over the place! I'm so inspired, I've always wanted to just pack up and go and see where I could get to..and you have done such a great job of it!! How did you come up with this yacht idea? What kind of work do you do? I'd love to hear more about your travels some day!!! =)

From Bryan Rite on Feb 8th, 2007

I forgot to mention... do you want me to fix you other journal entries so they're added to the 'europe on a yacht' trip?

From Bryan Rite on Feb 9th, 2007

There you go, let me know if you want anything else moved around but you should be able to take it from here. :)

From Joey Smith on Feb 14th, 2007

Hey Dana, Long time no talk or see for that matter. Anyways, I just thought I'd check this out as I saw it on your MSN name. It looks like your having tons of fun and I'm completely jealous. Those pics you got in Europe are gorgeous. Good for you for getting out there and seeing the world. Here I am in boring Nanaimo wishing I was on a Yacht travelling. Anyways, take care and keep up the good work. Joey Smith