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a week with a fantastic friend!

Written on: Tuesday September 12th, 2006

A journal entry from: Europe on a yacht

i flew from neice, france to zurich and then onto spain to the island of mallorca to visit my friend deirdre in palma. she was living on her parent's boat that they sailed from ireland to spain over the summer. she had invited me when we were in fort lauderdale,and i thought, hey, why not?! we had a fantastic week together, despite some disappointing weather. we had a day of the arts, a day of sailing, some shopping, and tons of great conversation. we lived off peanut butter and crackers, pickles and tuna.  she worked at a yachtie bar so we spent some evenings there, and others out on the town!!! her friends flew in from ireland and joined us, and the four of us explored the island, ate good food, and got up to no good!


From Bryan Rite on Feb 4th, 2007

Hey Dana! So happy to have you as a member! Your trips are looking great too. Just to let you know, you can add entries to the same trip by choosing 'Add Journal Entry' instead of 'Start New Trip'. Hope everything else is going well!