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20 days at sea

Written on: Thursday June 1st, 2006

A journal entry from: Europe on a yacht

we departed in the middle of the nite after fueling for 8 hours or so. a big boat like that needs a lot of fuel! the first day was crazy and hectic, with over 20 of us crew rushing around in preparation for the big trip across "the pond." for my first crossing i think i did ok. the seas were big some days, and so saltine crackers were my only source of nourishment at times. constantly bobbing up and down for 20 days makes you feel a bit uneasy.  some nights it was hard to sleep because the waves were so big i was being tossed out of my bunk.  but other nights the movement of the sea gently rocked me to sleep.  there is something absolutely amazing about being in the middle of the ocean, knowing you are days away from land in any direction.  i can't even begin to descibe what the sky looks like at night in the middle.  you think you are the only ones out there, that you are so far away from everything that surely there could be no living creatures around.  and thats when you'll see dolphins jumping past your porthole, or flying fish jump and skip across the water. it's wonderful to be out there, away from all the distractions of the real world. just the sun, the water, and a good book.