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Written on: Monday May 8th, 2006

A journal entry from: Europe on a yacht

so i packed enough clothes and belongings to last me about 4 months and bought a ticket to fort lauderdale. i wanted to go to europe on a yacht. truthfully, i thought i'd be back in vancouver after an unsuccessful trip to florida, so i didnt take much. i even had a return flight booked just in case. armed with a white polo and kahki shorts, sunscreen, basic knowledge of cleaning boats, and a map of fort lauderdale, i took off to find a job. i stayed in a crew house in fort lauderdale, made some fantastic friends right off the bat, and had the time of my life!!! 2 days after i arrived, i walked past the biggest yacht i had ever seen, and someone called down to me, asking me to work on it. the job pretty much fell into my hands. i started off as a dayworker, and after busting my ass for a few days, i was hired on permanently.
in order to work on the boat, i had to do a boat safety course. i was trained in basic firefighting, sea survival and first aid (all of which was SO much fun i didnt mind paying nine hundred bucks for it!).   for the first week or so, i worked all day and played all nite, and there was never enough time for sleeping.  the boat i got on was 240 feet long, the biggest yacht built in america in the past 75 years, and i was headed out on its maiden voyage across the atlantic!