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MeLbOuRnE LaTeLy!

Written on: Wednesday May 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: The long flight away from home.

Hey everyone, its been a while since my last blog entry, but the thing is its been a pretty quiet last month. After going on the Sydney road trip it was time to conserve a little money and buckle down and get some long awaited school work done. So I?ll just give a little summary of what?s been going down lately.


The weekend after coming back from Sydney we had a house party at the convent. All the people from the Sydney trip came, as well as some mates from school and a couple of the girls friends, about 30ppl in all. It was nothing too crazy, but was a good time. The following weekend I went to a couple friends places since they were also having house parties, but I have to say they weren?t as good as ours!


I also went to an Aussie Rules Footy game, with some of my flat mates and a couple of friends of theirs. The game was at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) which is a really nice stadium, and the atmosphere was really good, with just over 77 000 people in attendance. It?s really hard to explain what the game is like, but it?s a mixture, of American football, soccer and rugby all in one. To sum things up, ? its CRAZY! Its full contact and they don?t wear ANY protective gear, the guys are really mad.


Windsurfing has been pretty good lately, with consistent northerly winds of 20-25knots two to four times per week. Unfortunately, I haven?t made it out every time due to the schools attendance policy and a few minor injuries but have managed to make it out a fair amount. The northerly winds, make for nice cross shore flat water blasting with relatively small chop and some nice ramps on the way out. It has been really good for practicing my gybes (turns), blasting and jumping. I now feel really comfortable with the jumping and just try to get as much speed as possible when I see a piece of chop forming into a good ramp ahead of me.


When the wind isn?t blowing, I?ve been keeping busy by swimming or working out, and also working on my slide-show/video of the year.


First semester is now officially over, and I?ve already written one exam and have three more in the next two weeks. I then will have 7 weeks off before second semester starts. I plan on going to Perth, which is in Western Australia for a week or two straight after exams. Then coming back to Melbourne and finding myself a job to make a little spending money and just hitting the water as much as possible.


Lastly, as it is becoming summer for most of you reading this, it is actually getting colder here and will soon be winter. Although it is still relatively warm here compared to winter in Canada, it is still really cold since our house has no heating, and when its under 10 degrees in your house all day long its not too much fun!


Well that?s it for now, I hope everyone is doing well!

Take care!