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Written on: Sunday January 26th, 2014

A journal entry from: Mega Trip

As we sadly left Toblach, we looked forward to the next phase of out trip. After a night in Innsbruck, Austria we were off to Germany for one final week.

Starting in the very south of Bavaria we spent a night and day in Fussen, the location of the fairytale castle of Neuschweintstein. This was to be our last night in hotels and we had a nice place just outside of the village. We spent sometime exploring the streets and the next morning made our way by bus and then by horse carriage to the top of the mountain. The castle was built for Ludwig the II who was much more in to theatre than overseeing his people. It is also the inspiration for the Disney World castle. Quite impressive.

Later in the day, Susn, a flatmate from Australia picked us up by car and we drove two hours north to her home in Ulm with her partner Alex. We had a great evening catching up and going out to her childhood restaurant for the some great local food and drinks. The following morning we were invited to an individual's private car collection in a fairly remote country setting. Walking in to the wear house was like bringing Monaco to you. An unbelievable collection of mint new and old cars including a one of two early 1900's Rolce Royes with a jet engine, early pre war Mercedes, newer Ferrari, porches etc, etc and to top it off, a newly acquired raced formula one car! It really was an unbelievable place and a special moment for me.

After lunch we took the train to Stuttgart where we met Sven (also a colleague from oz), Felix and Julia and stayed with him for three nights. We had some great meals together every night and went out to the club on the Saturday and just hungout together and caught up. As Sven had to work on Monday I randomly decided to surprise Laure with tickets to Paris for lunch the following morning! With our eurail train pass, we can take unlimited trains and only had to pay the reservation fee.

We left Stuttgart at 6:50am by TGV and were in Paris by 11:30am. Really quite amazing and hard to wrap your head around that the trains can travels such far distances so easily. In 4.5h we managed to see the Notre dame, go up the Eiffel Tower, l'arche de triomphe, have lunch and walk the champ d'elysees. We were back in Stuttgart by 7pm for dinner. Although a really quick visit, it was pretty fun and funny to do so!

Tuesday morning we again departed early to visit my Opa's sister in Bad Durkheim which was about 1.5h NW. This was an extremely special day for myself as I had never met her before and she is also the last of the family. It is the area that my Opa was from and the house that he grew up in. Although, we had a fairly big communication barrier, we still mostly managed to understand each other and she told us many stories of his childhood, the war etc... Even at 87, she prepared for two days to make us all sorts of food and was really happy to have us. Truly a special time.

That evening we made our way to Heidelberg where we stayed the night with Julia and the following morning met Bettina, a colleague of Hanna's (another roommate done oz) who showed us around the city. Out of luck we managed to have lunch and spend the afternoon with Hanna who was in town from Italy. It was really cool to walk around with two people that new so much history of the area and could really tell us a lot.

That evening we made our way yet again by train to Frankfurt where we enjoyed two great nights and meals with Tobias, Iris, Wanja and Alice. During the day we went to Walsdoms to see Gabi and Julia for the day, and walked the country side and caught up over a nice lunch.

Although, the past week has been a lot of moving around, it was so wonderful to see so many great friends and family again. To get to see a country from more of a locals perspective is quite special and something we both really cherished. It has been really nice to simply hangout, have nice meals and socialize. These make for some of the best memories of the trip.

In sum, this has been quite the adventure; 4 flights, 4,600km/20+ train rides!
I am really thankful to everyone who helped make this past week such a great time and look forward to the next.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading :)

David W.


From David Weiskopf on Jan 26th, 2014

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