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French Riviera and go, go, go!

Written on: Wednesday January 15th, 2014

A journal entry from: Mega Trip

As I left off we were on our way from Barcelona to Cannes by train for a quick overnight and four days of go, go, go. As we arrived it was already dark, so we had a quick walk around the waterfront and a grocery store dinner by the beach and called it a night. Cannes did not seem like a place that excited either one of us much. 

The following morning we departed early for Monaco which was only an hour away. Out hotel was just outside of the principality on the French Riviera called Menton. We had a really nice and modern room overlooking the mountains across from the beach. After getting cleaned up we headed into Monaco proper for a full day of walking and exploring. The city/state is really something else. There is SO much wealth in this tiny self governing state, it is crazy! It's famous casino Monte Carlo which attracts the wealthiest of the wealthiest from throughout Europe and the world generates so much revenue that the residents of the state do not have to pay any income tax! There is every know sportscar to man; Ferraris, rolce royes, buggatis, mclarens, bentleys, Austin martins, Lamborghini etc, etc, etc!

Wealth aside, the geography of the coastline is breathtaking! The land rises quickly from the sea and has plenty of historic buildings and beautiful harbours. We had a nice lunch overlooking the city and then explored the Jaques Cousteau oceanography museum and aquarium, quite impressive. Afterwards we walked the entire F1 street circuit which for me was really unbelievable and moving. To think of all the greats who have raced through the streets and to see really just how tight and twisty the course is. I was really surprised to see how much elevation change the course had, as you really do not get a sense of this on tv. 

To finish off the day we had a nice dinner overlooking the Hercules Harbour. By the end of the evening we were both exhausted from all the walking and steps. I think we counted that we walked from the sea to the higher part of the town at least four times and covered the majority of the principality! Well worth a visit!

The next morning we took off again quite early, this time for Milan in northern Italy. Neither of us had any real expectations of Milan, but it was a convenient area to breakup the travel. Milan is a huge city, the so called fashion capital of Europe and the economic hub of Italy. Interestingly, it is also the most polluted city in Europe and the air quality was quite poor. We spent the afternoon walking around, sightseeing and checking out little shops. 

The following morning we were on the road again, this time for Venice. We were both looking forward to Venice quite a bit, as it was the only place during our month of travel that we had both been to before, but on separate occasions. Venice certainly has a surreal feeling to it and it was quite fun to walk around together and ride the "bus" trough the canals. We had a really nice dinner in a restaurant frequented by locals and not tourist which was lots of fun! It was also quite special to walk around at night without the heaps and heaps of tourist that swarm the area in the summer. Lots of fun to spend a day or two! 

After four very busy and long days we are now on our way to the very northern tip of Italy for four full days of skiing. As nice and interesting as the last two weeks have been, the constant moving and sightseeing certainly takes it's toll after awhile.  We are both quite excited and looking forward to staying in one place for four nights and enjoying the fresh air and tranquility of being in the mountains and forests!

Thanks for reading, all the best!

David W. 


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