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The long drive to windsurfing paradise

Written on: Sunday April 24th, 2011

A journal entry from: Windsurfing Hatteras 2011

Windsurfing Hatteras Spring 2011


After my bad luck for wind while in Egypt and a poor summer of windsurfing, I needed some good wind to put the 2010 season behind me. The outer banks of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina were calling my name. Leah and I left home Thursday evening and headed down to Newmarket. On the Friday morning, I hit the road by myself 7am for one very long day of driving. I had a nice stop checking out the whiskey section at the duty free, and an extremely long crossing of the boarder (1.5h). Driving through New York and Pennsylvania was less than exciting and about half way through the day it started to rain, and it didn't let off until the next morning? As I entered Virginia I was starting to lose my concentration, Virginia is a beautiful state and was quite nice on the eyes.


I ended up spending the night in the back of the van at a 711 gas bar, somewhere in Virginia. It was a surprisingly good sleep and well needed, the temperature was around 5 degrees so it wasn't too bad. The next morning I hit the road again for another 5h of driving. Within 2 hours the climate and weather had changed dramatically. It was now 26 degrees and humid. I made my way to our home in Avon, where I am staying with a group of windsurfers from the Niagara Falls area, who I stayed with my last time down here.


After getting settled in, I got out with the others for a nice afternoon session out on the sound. The water was warm and the wind was steady and solid for medium size gear. It felt so good to get back out on the water and have good conditions to surf in. It was well worth the drive!


That's it for now, Happy Easter to everyone!


David W.


*I will write another blog when I am back and post pictures then. You can check out John Grants web page at www.windinsight.com  *Click on Hatteras / Spring 2011 for pictures.