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Finland to Sweden

Written on: Sunday August 8th, 2010

A journal entry from: Scandinavia

Finland to Sweden

Everything went well checking in, and it was fun to do some people watching! As with my past recent trips, I always seem to run into someone I know, and this time was no different. We ran into a client from Germany who was on his way home... small world!
Our flight didn't have the best food or entertainment, but it was smooth and on time, and that's all that really matters. Neither of us slept very well. We had a 3h stop in Paris before our next flight to Helsinki, Finland. Once arrived at the airport we took a bus to the city centre and asked a local girl to use her phone. The plan was to call Henrik so that he could come meet us, little did we know, he was already there waiting around the corner.
We proceeded to his flat (small but VERY efficient, it's amazing how Europeans make due with such small spaces, really made us feel like we waste a lot back home). After a quick but well needed shower, Leah took a nap, and Henrik and I went for 1.5h walk through the city and to the beach. It was great to catch up and didn't seem like it had been 3 years since we had last met. 
The three of us headed to a local park to meet up with his friend Joni and later his gf Nina (all very nice people). The park was absolutely filled with people, eating and drinking. The weather was so warm, and it was light out until 10:30. Both Leah and I were amazed by just how clean the city was and how everyone would walk around with drinks through the city, but all so mature about it. It was a nice change from the standard Canadian mentality of getting wasted.
We went to a new graffiti club that night that had just opened, cool place and Leah drew a huge Cdn flag on the wall with our names! We stayed out until about 1, and then went back to Henriks flat (he stayed at Nina's, so we had the place to ourselves which was nice).
The following morning we met up with them again and took a ferry to Suomenlinna, a nearby Island. It was a really cool place that was used back in the day as a fort to protect the city. The day was very warm, with a record breaking 34 degrees!! After spending the day on the Island, we said our goodbyes and Leah and I boarded our cruise ship.
Neither of us had any idea of what to expect from this, but we were both in awe of the boat. It was huge, clean, and full of things to do! Our room wasn't fancy, but also far from bad, we were on one of the top decks and had a view of the promenade and the ocean! We took full advantage of the on board duty free *best prices I have ever seen!! We had some drinks, explored the different levels and enjoyed an *amazing* dance show at the casino. The ride was smooth and a lot of fun! When we woke up the following morning the boat was already parked in Sweden!
After a short subway ride and small walk, we found our hotel and checked in. It's a real nice small place, not fancy but very clean and comfortable. We took a short power nap and then spent 7h's walking and exploring the city. Stockholm is an amazingly beautiful city and one of the nicest I have ever seen. So clean, so unique with it's 30% water, 30% parks! We went into many small shops, had coffees and food! 

We are both pretty tired and are looking forward to some sleep. Tomorrow we will do some more exploring and shopping before meeting Tobias for the afternoon and a few others in the evening.
I hope everyone is doing well, Take care!
David W.

*Check back at a later date for pictures. Please leave any comments below.



From dede on Aug 8th, 2010

It sure sounds like a great place to be. I can't wait to see your pictures. Like always, it seems like you are enjoying every moment.

From Janet on Aug 9th, 2010

Sounds like a wonder trip...glad to hear of your adventures...thanks for sharing.

From Susie and Megan on Aug 9th, 2010

Sounds like a great start to your vacation. Another place on the list to go see, especially when there are such good reviews.

From S1 on Aug 9th, 2010

How's the chocolate? Can't wait to see pictures!

From dede on Aug 9th, 2010

S#1 likes milk chocolate

From Raymond on Aug 10th, 2010

The cities sound great and I know you are taking in as much as you can. a seven hour walk. Wow! To be young snd full of energy. One learns so much by experiencing other's culture and how they live.

From David W on Aug 10th, 2010

Thanks guys! S#1, don't worry, I wont forget about you!

From Terbovc on Aug 10th, 2010

sounds liek so much fin! hahah wow that was lame. anyways hope ur having a great time with the wife, or is it too early to say that? lol stay safe and see u soon :P

From Hanna on Aug 11th, 2010

looks like you're having a great trip! enjoy every second of it! bisous

From Jussi on Aug 11th, 2010

oh damn i think i missed you guys :S :S me and my bad memory..

From S3 on Aug 11th, 2010

Nice pics! Looks like you're having a great time! S#3 also loves milk chocolate he he.

From Oncle Ronald on Aug 11th, 2010

Is the picture of the boat on your blog the one you were on? Good to see you are having fun the week of your birthday!!! Oncle Ronald et Tante Pauline

From A2 on Aug 11th, 2010

PS>A2 likes milk chocolate more than dede, S1, S2 and S3...you will get more appreciation from A2

From sylvie on Aug 12th, 2010

What's with all this chocolate? I want some too! Sounds like you are having a great time. We need an update.

From David W. on Aug 13th, 2010

Thanks for all the post, Hey Uncle Ron & T. Pauline, the boat in the picture is the boat we were on. -Who is A2 and Sylvie?

From Lori & Jerry on Aug 14th, 2010

Great pictures, David. Bonne fête demain. (Aug 15) We thought that David Weiskopf was from ASTORVILLE not Noth Bay!!!