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Sydney Road Trip

Written on: Monday April 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: The long flight away from home.

Easter Break, Sydney Road Trip


All universities in Victoria (a state of Australia) get Easter week off, as a sort of reading week. I wasn?t to sure what I would do during the break, but luckily for me while at the formula one race a few weeks earlier I met Kim and Sven a friend of Hanna, one of my roommates. They had an 8 day road trip planned out with one extra spot in the car and invited me to go along.


On the morning of Easter Friday, we all met up in the city and packed the van. Along for the ride was; Sven , Wanja (pronounced vanya) and Tobias, from Germany as well as Susn and Hanna the sole girls on the trip, also from Germany, a guy from Finland named Kim, and Johan (pronounced Uhan) from Sweden as well as myself.


We were now on our way to Sydney. The first days drive was pretty boring, we drove straight to Canberra (which is the capital of Australia). We arrived in the city fairly late and checked into our hostel before finding some food and the nearest bottle shop (liquor store). Everyone told us that Canberra sucked, but we had a blast, it was one of the best nights of the trip. I?ll spare the details, but lots of good moments that night. It was difficult to get up the next morning and having to crawl back into the van (8 ppl in one mini van, is quiet the tight squeeze). We then went and checked out the National Museum, that minus the building wasn?t that spectacular. We also checked out parliament, again very nice building.


We then continued on to Sydney to our next hostel which was in Bondi Beach, a very popular surf beach in Sydney. It was already dark by the time we got there, so again we found some food and the nearest bottle shop. It was a really weird night, and one of my least favorite of the trip (I met a pizza shop owner who hated Canadians, we got kicked out of a house party and our alcohol stolen, had a guy who wanted to fight us and so on?). The next day we went to the beach and went for a swim, the waves were really big, and you took a good pounding when you?re out there.  After spending sometime on the beach we drove to Kings Cross, which is somewhat like the party / red-light district / backpacker area of Sydney, as well as our home for the next 4 nights.


It was nice knowing that we wouldn?t have to re-pack all our stuff again the next day. Our hostel was called the ?Blue Parrot? not that clean, but it did the trick. We followed the same order as the other nights once arrived, and went out that night. It?s a pretty crazy street, safe but dirty (drug dealers and prostitutes on most corners).  It was a good night! The following day Kim and I went and checked out the Sydney Harbor and the Opera House. I knew the building would be sweet, but it really was amazing (to see it up close was really cool). We just took it easy that night. Kim and I again went out and explored the city the next day, we went to the National Museum, which again wasn?t that good. I have come to the conclusion that the museums in Australia just aren?t any good (I could be wrong, however I stand pretty firm on my opinion). We also went to the Sydney Aquarium, which I have been told a few times is one of the best aquariums in the world. Once again, it was highly overrated! It was cool to see the animals but it just wasn?t what all the hype made it out to be. We went out again that night, the places in Kings Cross were really fun to go out to, more fun then the places in Melbourne so far.


The next day I took the fairy in the afternoon by myself to go to Manly (another popular surf beach area of Sydney and a posh living area) to meet Alison, my brother-in-law Wills cousin who lives in the area. The fairy ride was by far the non partying highlight of the trip. For those who don?t know, Sydney is built around an ocean inlet that meanders in land. The fairy ride took me from the city center to the coastline, it took 30min one way and was amazing, I was in awe the whole time. Once arrived I went quickly to say hi to the girls from the convent who were also in Sydney for the week, but who were doing their own thing. I met Alison at the wharf and we went to her apartment for a BBQ, her friend from Canada was also there and her roommate was also Canadian. We had some great homemade hamburgers and then went for a walk down to the beach. I took the fairy back to the city, this time in the dark, and once again it was one of the highlights of the trip. The city looked really awesome at night.


The next morning it was time to leave Sydney and start heading down the coast back towards Melbourne. On the way up to Sydney we drove the most direct line and cut through the bottom right corner of Australia. On the way back we took our time and drove along the coast. We checked out some nice beaches in a National Park, and went for a swim on a really nice secluded beach. Wanja and I explored along the coast to find some massive waves roaring in from sea and crashing into shore, it was a really cool place, but extremely hard to get to (thank god for the water proof camera). That night we stayed in a place called Batemans Bay, really not much there but it didn?t matter since it was already dark. We found a nice place along the water to have supper. We had two small cabins to sleep in the ?News Team? (Kim, Sven and Myself) assembled in the one. Although there was nowhere to go out to, we still managed to have a really good time.


The next morning after finally managing to wake up we continued down the coast. We stopped at another park to go for a swim, and the waves were coming in real high and heavy. A few of us went out for a swim, and quickly realized it wouldn?t be a relaxing swim, the water immediately dropped past our heads and the currents were really strong, pulling you out. About 30m out was a sand bar where you could stand and where the waves were crashing. It?s unbelievable how much power is in the waves and the currents involved, you definitely get worked out there. The swim in proved to be a bit of a challenge but everyone managed to make it in fine, (we afterwards agreed that it was probably the stupidest thing we did on the trip). We spent the last night of our trip in a small town called Lakes Entrance, again not much there.


As the sun came up we packed up the van for the last time, and went and checked out the town. I have to say, after 8 days on the road I was ready to go back, strangely the convent seems somehow homey to me now. After dropping the van off we said our goodbyes and headed our own ways. Since then I?ve seen all of them several times.


After thinking over the trip for a few days, it safe to say it was probably one of the top road trips/trips I?ve ever done (windsurfing on Manitoulin Island is right up there!). And will definitely have lots of long lasting memories of it.


Take care for now!


From tante Francine on Apr 24th, 2007

Bonjour David, Nous avons recus ta carte postale la semaine deniere. Merci c'est tres gentil de ta part. Ton dernier voyage parrait incroyable et tu vit certainement beaucoup de bonnes experiences. Bravo pour toi. Tout le monde ici te dis bonjour. Il a fais tres beau ici en fin de semaine-20 celcius et un peu plus mais ce soir il fait plus froid et il pleut. Eh bien ce n'est pas l'été encore. Coralie a hate de te voir au mois d'Aout. By By