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Nations Collide!!

Written on: Tuesday March 27th, 2007

A journal entry from: The long flight away from home.

Australian Formula One Grand Prix and FINA World Swimming Champinoships 

Since I knew that I would be going to Australia one of the main things that I wanted to do while I was here was to go to the Australia Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park. However, once arrived I found myself hesitating for a few weeks to buy a ticket, since its not the cheapest thing. I finally bought myself a 4 day general admission pass.


I didn?t bother going to the track on Thursday since the F1 cars weren?t even going to be running. On Friday morning it was raining out, and I couldn?t have been more pumped to see F1 cars in the rain. I made my way to the track (a 5 to 10min tram ride) and found a place to sit on a nice hill overlooking the city and a good right left turn. I have to say, there is nothing else in the world like hearing the most expensive, and technologically advanced cars in the world roar by you. It?s a sweet but deafening sound! After 20 min or so I was forced to put my ear-plugs in. I returned the next day to watch the qualifying, and to see Kimi Raikkonen  and his brand new Ferrari take pole position for the race.


On race day, (March 18th, 2007) I went to the track with Hanna and we met up with two other guys, Kim, and Sven. Unfortunately, since we only had general admission tickets and they try to cram as many people into the track area as possible it was hard to get a great place to watch the race. We managed to get ourselves into a good corner before the start of the race. There isn?t too much to say about the race itself, besides the fact that Kimi dominated from start to finish. It was a beautiful day, and it was great to get to watch the world?s best drivers in the best cars race around Albert Park (and to have your guy win, in his first race with a new team). We walked part of the track afterwards and got some close up views of some of the cars. In the end I was extremely happy I went and would have greatly regretted not having gone.



Just over a week later (March 27th, 2007) I was fortunate enough to view another world wide sporting event, with the planets best swimmers battling it out at the World Championships taking place in Melbourne, only minutes away from my doorstep. I went with Corinna, who had received two tickets from the family she stayed with when she had first arrived in Oz. I had never been to a swim meet before let alone an international swim meet, so I wasn?t to sure what to expect. Once we made it in to the stadium and walked into the swimming area, I was extremely amazed and impressed. The place was packed with fans and the music was roaring as the competitors for the men?s final 200m freestyle made their way into the starting area. Michael Phelps easily won the race, shattering the previous world record in the process. It was really something to see a new world record being set. Little did we know, 3 more world records would be set following Phelps performance. Fellow Americans, Natalie Coughlin and Aaron Peirsol, as well as, Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini also set new world records in their swims.


When things seemed like they couldn?t get any better, they did! In the last race of the night ?Australia?s Leisel Jones foiled a U.S. title sweep by winning the 100m breaststroke.? The Australian crowed went wild, and all sang along to the national anthem during the medal ceremony. They followed that up by playing the song ?I come from a Land Down Under? by Men at Work, which just seemed to be like the best song they could have possibly played.

 It has been said to be the most remarkable night in the history of the World Swimming Championships!! 

All in all, both events were equally exciting in their own way, and I will have great memories of both for the rest of my life.

 Take Care!


From Mike Hebert on Apr 4th, 2007

Dave, I am so Jealous of you dude. I read all about Michael Phelps domianting but definetly I would have loved to enjoy the atmosphere when the Australian Won. It gives me the shivers jsut thinking about it. Have fun this summer man

From tante Francine on Apr 4th, 2007

Bonjour David, Wow tu sembles t'amuser et tu as vu beaucoup de choses. Coralie, Patrick et Marielle parlent souvent de toi et nous te souhaitons tous une joyeuse Paques. Take care et fais attention la bas down under.