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The Convent

Written on: Monday February 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: The long flight away from home.

Hi everyone, sorry for the long delay. We lost our internet for a few days.


The Convent  

When I was first dropped off at our hostel (The convent) I can?t help but say I was a little freaked out, ?. ok actually really freaked out. I felt as if I was lied to and that our school ACU (Australia Catholic University) was a bit more then just a name. It appeared to weird to be a coincidence that we were staying in an old Convent, on Chapel St. and attending ACU.


Anyways all that being said and a week later the place doesn?t seem so strange anymore, its kind of like home and was purely a coincidence. I am currently living with 5 girls (3 Canadians and 2 Germans) we are hoping, or I am hoping to get at least one more guy to live with us. The convent was meant to be a temporary housing in till we found something else, however we are aloud to stay here if we want and for the time being it seems like a great place for a cheap price. So the Convent might just be our home for the next year.


The convent is on a small St. just off of Chapel St. (which is a very posh and upscale area of town, with fancy shops and eateries). Really nice shops and stuff, but just not my favorite area. Susan and I went out for a drink on Thursday night and they wouldn?t let me into the bar with my hat on, so you can imagine that its not like North Bay, lol. On Saturday it was Rachel?s birthday and we took a tram down to St-Kilda where we went to club, it was pretty cool, good atmosphere, some Australia guy bought us all a round of drinks (I think he had a thing for one of the girls). All in all it was a good night.


The next day was the St-Kilda festival, a huge free festival with heaps of music, rides and extreme sports (Bmx, dirtbiking, wakeboarding, trials). It was really nice, and really packed (over 300 000ppl). The only downside of the day was the winds which were reaching up to over 100km per hour in the gusts. It felt like you were being sand blasted, and it was even hard to walk at times. (I was pumped to be feeling winds like that, and dying to get on the water).


We went to school on Monday for a day of orientation, pretty boring but some good info and free food. On Wednesday we went back to get enrolled, and checked out the Melbourne Museum. It was pretty nice but not as good as the museum of Civilization in Ottawa. We also went and got some drinks with Desma, the girl in charge of our exchanges.  We went out again that night, but couldn?t find any happening spots so it was just a really good workout walking from spot to spot.


Well that?s about it for now, I?ve started running every second morning with Janice. Its extremely hot lately and I am dying to start windsurfing. Tomorrow, Saturday I have a meeting at the sailing club to get the key for my locker and then I will be able to bring my gear from the store to the club and finally hit the water.


All the best!

David Weiskopf


From Grandmaman et Grandpapa on Feb 19th, 2007

It is extremly nice to hear from you. Imagining you are enjoying yourself completly. It is so nice to be young. Hope you keep on enjoying your convent and take good philosophy, religion and theology courses to instruct us when you come back. From this side of the world, grandpapa went on snowshoes today and had no problems whatsoever. It was a big walk! Myself, I play music all day and enjoy it! Love you David!

From tante Francine on Feb 20th, 2007

Hello David, Nice to see all is going so well. It is finally a little warmer here today -2 celcius. I hope this keeps up since it is OFSSA skiing on Thursday & Friday. Coralie & Patrick miss having you around for the races but hey look what you started!!! Take care David & talk to you soon.

From Lori & Jerry on Feb 21st, 2007

Hi David; Glad to hear that you are settling in and having a blast. I have a potential contact for housing in Melbourne if you are interested. Just e-mail us of your intentions. I will re-send the e-mail as I understand you have a new e-address. Keep the news comming.