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Written on: Sunday September 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: The long flight away from home.

Hey guys!

So it has been a while since my last blog, but the thing is that there hasn?t been any big news to write about. So the following is just a brief update of what I?ve been up to lately. 

Wanja, a German who I met on the Sydney road trip moved into the convent for his last month. It was real nice with him around since we got a long quite well and had a good time. We went golfing a few times at a course just south of the city which is built on a sand belt. It?s a pretty nice course; my roommate Johan and I are organizing a mini golf tournament between friends there on the 19th. 

I?ve also been trying to explore more of the city and surrounding areas when I have sometime to kill. I went to check out the Royal Botanical Gardens with a friend from school, and have explored some of the southern bayside suburbs. The RBG are very nice and worth checking out if you are in the city. There are still a few more things and places that I want to check out before I end up leaving.  

Johan and I, as well as some other exchange students went to the MCG to watch Australia vs Argentina in an exhibition soccer game. Argentina won 1-0, it was pretty cool to see top level soccer, but not something I would pay to go see every week. 

I finally started windsurfing again three weeks ago after a nearly two month break over winter. It was possible to sail over winter, however, it was almost always offshore winds and extremely strong and gusty, as well as cold. All those factors combined, made for less then ideal conditions to go out alone in. Since then I?ve managed to get out a faire amount and had a wicked session this past Sunday. The wind was blowing side-on at 25 to 35 knots with gust over 40 and 2.5m swells. It was pretty intense, I had to get off a few times since I was overpowered on a 4.7m. I reckon I got my highest jumps ever today (it?s hard to tell exactly how high, but safe to say 10 feet) which was pretty cool, but also a little frightening (had one big crash that has my body pretty bruised and soar at the moment). But all in all the windsurfing has been good. 

I am also planning, or trying to figure out a way to go down to Sandy Point during exams for speed week. Sandy Point is the worlds best natural speed course for any wind powered craft. I?m hoping to find some people to go down with for a few days and rent a place together. It would be really cool to windsurf in a spot that is known worldwide in the windsurfing community.  

This past week was reading week, but I really didn?t do much. I?ve been doing a lot of work for school assignments lately as well as studying for my phase 1 exam for my real estate license which I am writing by correspondence here in Melbourne in less then 2 weeks (I think it should go well, but I guess only time will tell). 

Well that?s all the updates for now, I hope that everyone is doing well and I look forward to seeing everyone in December.

Take care! 

David W.


From tante Francine on Oct 6th, 2007

Allo David, Eh bien c'est l'action de Grace ici. La prochaine fois que nous serons tous ensemble tu seras ici. J'ai tres hate a Noel et de te voir. Cette semaine il a fait ters chaud ici 24C. Mais aujourd'hui il pleut et il fais plus froid. Go figure c'est le picnic a Restoule (et least its not snowing!!!!!). Coralie est ici pour la fin de semaine et nous sommes tous tres content de la voir. Patrick est tres occuper au hockey avec les Trappers(he has won 3 games in a row). Marielle vas jouer au indoor soccer cet hiver. Gotta go see you soon! Byby tante Francine