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Lydia and Coralie DoWn UnDeR!

Written on: Monday August 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: The long flight away from home.

Lydia and Coralie Down Under


Well lets just star by saying I NEVER thought I would count down the days till Lydia would come and visit me? BUT, I did. After nearly half a year without seeing a familiar face, the idea of Lydia and Coralie coming to see me was quite exciting and was something to look forward to.  There flight arrived on the morning of August 7th which was a Tuesday and a school day for me. I woke up pretty early and took the train to one of the stations where I then caught the shuttle bus to the airport. I didn?t manage to get on the shuttle I was waiting for since it was full and therefore had to wait for the second one. Once arrived at the international terminal Lydia and Coralie were sitting where I said I would meet them, luckily they hadn?t been waiting too long.


We caught the shuttle back to the city and went and checked into our hotel. (Mom had paid for us to stay in a hotel on the first night and to go out for a nice meal or two. Merci!) Our hotel was only two blocks from the station and in the CBD (central business district) so it was at a very convenient location. We then went out for lunch in the Docklands and I then went to my tutorial while they went and checked out the Amazing Human Body exhibit. After meeting back up at the hotel, Lydia and Coralie took a little power nap before we went and checked out a mall across the street. We then went out for dinner in Little Italy, and had planned to go out to a couple of clubs afterwards, but it was only 7:30 at night and way too early. So we went back to the hotel for a bit before going back out. Once out, I took the two of them down a sketchy alley in China town that meanders through rubbish and empty milk crates. I think they were a little scared, but rightfully so (I was my first time). At the end of the alley there is a really cool club called Croft Institute. Since it was a Tuesday it was pretty dead, but I just wanted to show them the place. So we had one drink before heading out and quickly checking out another club before heading back to the hotel to get some sleep. I was pretty impressed with both of them, since they both stayed up till midnight after having very little sleep for the past 3 days and massive jet leg.


The next morning we got up at a decent time and took the train down to South Yarra, (the station nearest to my place). Once arrived at the convent we set up the room for Lydia and Coralie. I had to go back to school for a tutorial and Lydia and Coralie explored Chapel St. with Janice as well as went and bought the groceries for the BBQ we were going to have in the evening. I had invited some friends over for a bbq/drinks and then to go out to a club. It was a really good evening and a good turn out. We were nearly 30 people at one point. Lydia, Coralie and Janice had surprised me and came out with a mini cake with sparklers for my birthday that was in the coming week. It was really nice and really good. About half the group went out to the bar afterwards but it was again pretty dead on a Wednesday night. However, all in all it had turned out to be a great night.


The following morning Lydia and Coralie had decided they would come and join me for classes to see what my schooling was like? I don?t know what they were thinking. We then went and did a little bit of shopping in the CBD before catching a train out to Ruths. Ruth being as kind as she is had agreed to pick us up at the train station near her place (about a 45min drive or ride North East of the city) and take us out to try and get up close and personal with some Kangaroos (also known as Roos or Kangas). We managed to see many kangaroos and Lydia also got to run after some (she figured she could catch some but it turned out not to be so easy). We went back to Ruths and played around a little on her brother?s rope and tire swings (their yard is kind of like an amusement park) before going in for dinner. It was a really nice night as it always is out at her place.


The next day was a Friday and I didn?t have any school at all so we had the whole day to go out and about. I brought them down to Elwood to check out the windsurfing store, and the sailing club. It was really nice to be able to show them the place. We followed it up by having lunch at a nice restaurant on the beach. Afterwards, we hit up the city again to do a little more shopping and sightseeing before coming back to the convent. We just spent a last relaxing night together.


And before we knew it, it was Saturday morning and time to say goodbye once again. I walked to the train station with them and then they went on their way, continuing their journey down under. The 4.5days went by really fast but it was a lot of fun and I feel we made the most out of it. We had great weather? the best I had had for nearly 2 months. As previously mentioned it was nice to see some familiar faces and most of all I really enjoyed being able to share with people from back home the places and some of the friends that have made up my life for the past 7 months.


As for now, I am pretty busy with school work and have started my real estate license by correspondence. So the work load is fairly heavy but manageable. I?ve continued to look around a little for a job but still with no success and am highly looking forward to some warmer weather that should bring along a change in winds from Northerly to Westerly, which equals back to windsurfing! It has been way to long.


Hope everyone is well!


From tante Francine on Aug 22nd, 2007

Bonjour David, Je suis tres contant que tu as un bon sejour avec Lydia et Coralie. C'est bien le fun de voir les photos. Nous avons tous tres hate de revoir les deux filles ici samedi. Nous avons aussi tres hate de te revoir juste avant Noel. By By