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Broome to Karratha

Written on: Monday September 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Our first day on the 2,454 kilometer journey down to Perth was a bit of a blitz. Amanda and Sophie, whom Matt and I were now travelling with had to have their hire car dropped off in Perth by the following Sunday and so with the initial part of our trip not having a whole lot to keep a backpacker hanging around for, with Amanda at the wheel most of the day we pushed on.

Amanda and Sophie are two friends from just outside Amsterdam who have been travelling together for the past two months, although Amanda had been living in Melbourne for the best part of six months before Sophie flew over to meet her and travel the perimeter of Australia together.

One of the advantages of travelling alone is that you're constantly meeting and travelling with new people. Unless you want to be the lone hobo that everybody glares across at from around the world muttering under their breaths about the old weirdo sitting staring them in the corner, then you're forced to make an effort to talk and chat with people. On the Australian trail everybody is in the same boat and so most of the time the people you approach are extremely receptive to have somebody speak with them. Try speaking to a random stranger on the Piccadilly Line in London and the person will either nod their head in an extremely fearful manner and move cabins at the station or offer you their hand in marriage by the time you reach Green Park.

As the sun dropped to the horizon we reached Karratha, an industrial town, again not particularly tailored to the tourist and so we found a nice little spot to camp, all be it a little open to the elements and windy. While the girls took refuge in the car for the night, Matt and I cuddled up in the tent and had a romantic night gazing at the infinite carpet of stars dancing around the glistening Milky Way.