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Edith Falls

Written on: Wednesday August 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

The morning after we arrived in Edith Falls we went for an early morning swim in the rock pool that the falls flow in to. Whereas at Litchfield the falls are a relatively short, leisurely swim to sit under the one at Edith is a good 150 metre swim out across the middle of the lake, a lake I'd like to point out that has warning signs about saltwater crocodiles and even crocodile traps at the water's edge to catch the reptilian lurkers. But like most things if there's an element of danger to it I feel the need to conquer. Earlier on in my travels when I'd had to do the 200 metre swim test to pass my open-water dive course I'd almost died, but I figured 300 metres would be no problem especially if a crocodile was chasing me. I am by my own admission a weak-ass swimmer but having spent the past year frequently in the water I have got a lot better and managed to get to the waterfall without too much panic. It was upon reaching the falls that the panic began. I'd climbed up some of the rocks to the side of the falls to get my breath back, then in deep surprise froze at the snake enjoying his morning water-slide slipping through the stream of water that cascaded inches away from my right foot. To be fair he looked as worried about the encounter as I was and did his best to use the jet of water to get away from me quick smart. I have no idea what type of snake he was but knowing Australia to have some of the mot venomous snakes in the world I wasn't about to tempt fate by having a closer look. If he was venomous and had of bitten me I would still have had to of got back across the lake before even thinking about getting to a hospital. Coco eventually decided that I wasn't going to bask in the glory alone of getting to the falls and swam over to join me, then we both swam back to where Lauren was waiting, sensibly not venturing too far away from the small wooden dock area. Next stop Katherine.