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Litchfield National Park

Written on: Tuesday August 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Our first stop on my first roadtrip in Australia was back to Litchfield Park, where I'd been just two days earlier for the Isotopia Festival. Danny, me and Holgar, a German hitchhiker we'd picked up on the way there didn't really see a whole lot of the park as we were too busy jumping around to didgeridoo drum and bass music so this time with my two new roadies, Coco and Lauren we went for a proper explore. Litchfield's landscape is much the same as Kakadu's, very dusty dirt-track roads, laden with gigantic termite mounds and sandstone rock formations. The big difference being though that Litchfield has waterfalls with a constant supply of water cascading from them all the year round thanks to its many natural springs. Despite being considerably smaller and not possessing as many things to see as Kakadu I think I probably preferred Litchfield because of the wealth of waterfalls you could swim under. We first cooled off at Buley Rockhole and then hiked down to Florence Falls for another dip. We camped overnight waking up occasionally to something moving around in the dark around the tents then did as much of the park as Coco's 2-wheel drive station wagon would allow us to see. We began at the magnetic termite mounds, which are incredibly built to lie on a north-south axis so as to regulate the mound temperature throughout the day, a gigantic piece of engineering for such a minute animal. Next up was a short walk and lookout over Tolmer Falls, then one last dip in the most popular falls in the park, Wangi. Heading off we stopped off for lunch back on the Stuart Highway at a small town called Adelaide River where Charlie the water buffalo that was tamed by Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee stands stuffed taking pride of place in the corner of the bar. In his honour I tucked in to a huge buffalo burger before hitting the road again and heading further south to Edith Falls to set up camp for our second night on the road.