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Komodo to Labuan Bajo

Written on: Sunday July 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

I awoke to yet another glorious day, but this time not on my own boat, but still on the one I had swum out to the previous night. After the amount of beers we sank the night before I was a bit disorientated when I came to. I knew something was a little different but for the first few seconds couldn't quite work out what it was. Even stranger was that somehow or other the boat that we had brought with us had miraculously returned to our boat which was chugging alongside the boat the three of us were now on. It wasn't a problem at all though as we were both heading to the same place, the island of Rinca, and more Komodo dragons. When both boats docked myself, Fred and Jurgen were all able to cross over to our own boat, greeted by huge smiles from our fellow voyagers, a few shakes of the head from the crew and more pineapple pancakes freshly prepared by good old alcoholic Yoyo. Rinca is also part of Komodo National Park and because its vegetation is a lot more sparse and barren compared to that of Komodo there is a much greater chance of running in to a Komodo. Almost as soon as we arrived at the visitor centre, our guide spied two young Komodos sheltering from the shade at the side of one of the huts. We went on a much longer trek than on Komodo and were rewarded with some awesome views across to the other islands, deer, wild boar, eagles, buffalo and altogether eleven Komodo dragons. To get as close as we did to them was an incredible experience, another to add to the list. Our guide had told us that had we have come two weeks earlier we would have found the BBC here filming their latest series of Planet Earth. They stayed for two weeks and were lucky enough to capture footage of two Komodos fighting. He also told us that male Komodos outnumber female ones 3 to 1, I remarked that this was a similar environment to going out to Kingston-upon-Thames on a Friday evening, to which he just nodded his head and pretending he understood and sympathised fully with my analogy.  Our afternoon was spent laying around on a beach and some more equally impressive snorkelling. On one particular beach I saw several fish that I'd never seen before and had no idea what type they were. After lunch and Jurgen explaining to the group that he liked 'wed wine, not white wine' we made our final voyage to the port of Labuan Bajo on Flores, where most would split up and go their own ways. We all met up for one last dinner, the two boats together and then several of us went back and stayed one more night on the boat for one last party together complete of course with a replenished stack of Bintangs and copious amounts of arak!