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Senggigi to Gili Bedil

Written on: Thursday July 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

The French quartet kindly gave me a lift in their 4x4 back from Semaru to the pleasant seaside town of Senggigi, where I very comfortably took great pleasure in sleeping in a bed of all things, then the following morning I met my new group of travelling buddies when I was picked up and taken over to Labuhan Lombok on the east coast of Lombok. Here all two bus loads of us transferred on to the two boats that we would remain on for the next four days sailing from Lombok, around Sumbawa to Flores. Being that I was the only lonesome traveller I was the first choice to be moved when there were odd numbers on the boats. I was a bit miffed at first as on the short bus journey I'd got chatting to and got on well with quite a few of the people there. Coincidently there were a Simon and a Dave, both from England, two Dutch girls, a couple from France and a group of four young Brits from Hereford. Not that I hadn't enjoyed being with the four Frenchies up on Rinjani, but I was really looking forward to having some good banter with some fellow English. It wasn't to be though and I was moved on to a boat with eleven others that on first impressions didn't seem like anywhere near as fun as the others. Thankfully though these worries by the second day were dead and buried as our boat bonded immediately and got on extremely well over the next four days. We left port in Lombok with a boar loaded with over 300 bottles of Bintang, several bottles of Arak and three chickens that would soon become our dinners, in addition to our four crew, one guide and twelve passengers, me of course holding the Union Jack, four Swedes, two Dutch, two Canadians, two Germans and a solitary Russian. A right mixed bunch.