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Kuta, Bali

Written on: Tuesday May 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Long thought of as a tropical paradise perfectly accomodating for young honeymooners, but now just full of Aussie piss-heads Kuta and Bali came as a bit of a shock, especially after the last three weeks travelling the more remoter and rewarding parts of Indonesia. That said, some time spent idling away the day on a golden beach, and partying away the night in some heaving clubs wasn?t going to do me much harm. Our bus journey from Bromo on Java was yet another savage one, made doubly worse by the ferry journey in-between that carried us quite violently from Java to Bali. The 45 minute voyage was so rough it flipped a lorry in the hold at the bottom of the boat over on to its side. We eventually arrived in Denpasar, Bali?s capital at 4am, after I?d spent the journey from the port in the east all the way to the capital trying to sleep on the floor of the coach, alas with no success. We stayed for the next four days at the rather luxurious Lusa Hotel, complete with swimming pool, free breakfast, hot shower and wireless Internet, allowing me to stock up overnight on some new music. In the day time we laid on the beach, occasionally taking some time to get battered on a surfboard in the legendary waves of Kuta. One night Ben and I organised a game of Texas-Hold Um with Pavlov who was still with us, Herman Ze German, who we?d run in to on the beach on our first day here, a couple of Dutch guys and Harvey from Canada. I had a peach of a hand to take out one of the Dutch guys early on. He was talking about his game all the time so it would have given me great pleasure to have removed him from the game. The flop showed 10, Jack and a King. I was sitting on a Queen and an Ace. My heart began to thud at a furious pace as Marko started to push his toothpicks (acting as chips) in to the middle. I called his all-in and he showed three of a kind jacks. I was so sure I had the hand in the bag, then on the river a second 10 turned up, giving him the full-house and leaving me reeling in my seat. I brought back in but still only finished up third behind the two Dutch who it seemed Lady Luck was firmly on the side of that night. Our other nights we spent sampling the riotous and in-your-face nightlife of Kuta mainly on and around Poppies 1 and Legian Street where Bounty Nightclub pulls in plenty of drunk travellers and holiday-makers alike. Ben and I joined the band one night and played the bongo drums for good on half an hour before our hands could simply not take the pounding any longer, and we even managed to convince Pavlov to give some cage-dancing a go. Having bought my air ticket and ruefully knowing that I would now be returning this way to fly from Bali to Melbourne in order to make my job interview in the Snowy Mountains on time, Ben and I decided to leave Bali relatively unexplored and head to the well-praised Gili Islands, off the north-west coast of Lombok to sun-worship some more.