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Bangkok Hospital Visit

Written on: Thursday March 6th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Arriving back in Thailand with just one day before I flew out to Burma I suddenly began to worry about my right leg and foot. I now had a series of cuts, bites and incisions that had swelled, were pussing and were very sore. The original cut from the rope-swing at Vang Viang had still not healed, I had three mosquito bites that I had scratched and seemed to be growing by the day, a big cut on the top of my foot from smashing it on a rock swimming in Ko Tao, and a small but widening hole on my big toe that was producing a substantial amount of pus and was now really painful to walk on, that I had got standing on a piece of coral in Ko Phangan.


Rather than leave these to become worse infected than what they already were and having to let the Burmese hospitals take care of me I decided I would visit yet another Bangkok hospital. As good as it was I?d already done the Bumrungrad, so I instead made for the Aussie-run Thravmin Bangkok Medical Centre, which was close to the Siam Paragon where I knew I could pop in to get a few more cookies to cheer me up during my ordeal.


Once again the South East Asian hospitals astounded me. I was immediately seen by a nurse, whisked in to a room to be weighed, have my heart rate, temperature and blood pressure monitored and swiftly offered ?tea or coffee sir?. After this initial consultation I was taken straight in to another room, where within two minutes a doctor arrived to take a good gander at my feet. He confirmed my ever so professional diagnosis that my foot was buggered and quite infected. I was given probably one of the most painful antibiotic injections in a vein in my arm, told to lie down for half an hour, as I felt quite sick immediately afterwards and then once more received the good doctor. He proceeded to inject my manky toe with a local anesthetic to numb it, then go full at it with a scalpel to make sure there was no coral still remaining inside. He then cleaned the toe, dressed the wound in a bandage and provided me with enough Betadine, antibiotic cream, dressings, tape and cleaning trays (together with tweezers and cotton buds) to rid the whole world of disease. This and piece of mind all for the tidy price of ?60. Thai hospitals I salute you. 


From Kara on Mar 31st, 2008

Where is the neosporin when you need it?