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Pakbeng to Houay Xai Up the Mekong

Written on: Monday February 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

The boat the next morning to continue our trip at the Mekong to our detination of Houay Xai, the border town with Thailand was thankfully a lot less crowded than it was the day before. By around 11am we were once again bored and so the Adrian, Lucy, Darren and I decided to move to the back of the boat where there was quite a large carpeted space and play some cards. By noon we each had a beer in hand and were playing drinking games with the cards. This continued pretty much until we reached Houay Xai at 6pm when we had drunk every single beer that they'd brought aboard the boat. What looked like an extremely uncomfortable and boring ride for all our other fellow travellers was great fun for us four.

We all stayed at the same guesthouse, went for dinner together, and ended up once again downing shots of Lao Lao with yet another drunken restaurant owner.

My three new travelling buddies were all supposed to head in to Thailand the next day, but nobody was in a fit state to go anywhere, least of all Darren, who had the pains of bringing all the Lao Lao back up at some point during the night. Instead we relaxed in the sleepy, but pleasant town of Houay Xai, taking in the views over the Mekong one last time and sipping on nothing else but softdrinks.