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Up the Mekong River to Pakbeng

Written on: Sunday February 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Up bright and early to be down at the port for 7am as a random Lao fella told us to do the day before, we arrived to find we were the only people there and contrary to his advise no boats would be leaving until 8:30am. Breakfast was leisurely enjoyed.

Boarding the boat with Lucy and Adrian, and grabbing the last of the three bucket seats left that didn't quite fit in with the wooden thin boat we would be bearing up the river in, we met another fellow traveller named Darren. Born and raised in South Africa, Darren now lives in England working as an interior designer, and lucky for us all, (as after a couple of hours we'd become quite thoroughly bored by the picturesque but unchanging scenery) Darren had a fully charged lap-top with a triple split plug for earphones which meant himself, Adrian and I could fill our time watching Bruce Almighty and a couple of episodes of an American crime series called Dexter, while Lucy amused herself with a book.

Arriving in Pakbeng by dark a full 10 hours after we'd set off, not realising we wouldn't be stopping off for lunch anywhere, we threw our bags at the best guesthouse we could barter with and made off to order not just one curry each, complete with naan bread, but a second because we were still hungry after the first.