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Written on: Saturday January 12th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

There wasn't anything to keep us in Champasak more than one day, so up at the respectable time of 8am, we hitched our bags up on to our backs and stood out in the middle of the road awaiting one of the buses we were told would be going past very soon up to Pakxe. Well we waited. And we waited a bit more. Then I sat down and got out the cards. Then I decided to thumb just about anything that went by, even in the opposite direction, including a gang of 9 year olds on BMXs. Just when we'd resigned to spending another day in the very quiet, unassuming town of Champasak, a random truck took pity on my sad, slouching thumb and pulled over to allow us to jump in the back of his truck. The hour and a half ride, including a ferry back across the Mekong was actually a damm sight more comfortable than some of the buses we'd travelled on and wasn't blarring with hellish, suicidal Khmer, Lao or Thai music, although the chicken in the back did scare the shit out of Dave.

Arrving in Pakxe, we luckily jumped straight on a bus that was leaving for Savannakhet, 4 hours to the north. Again merely a stop-off on our way up to the capital of Vientiane, we spent the evening taking in a scrumptious Korean BBQ that we cooked ourselves, and watched a documentary on BBC World about a Goya painting from the early 19th century, that now rests in Madrid. How cultured we are becoming!


From Don on Jan 19th, 2008

but where are the snowdens of yesteryear?! hey its don of vientiane. email me do1836@hotmail.com when u get to sydney! good luck dave and simon.