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Written on: Friday January 11th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Leaving Don Det by boat at 6am in the morning, especially after a reasonably late night the night before wasn't particularly pleasant, but the journey up to the small town of Champasak was a relatively short one, so musn't grumble too much.

In Champasak's vicinity lies an early Angkor temple named Wat Phou, which is pretty much the only reason tourists come here. It seemed that this particular day not many other tourists could be bothered with it, as we seemed for the most part, the only foreigners in town, which was nice, and gave both Dave and I a chance to learn and experiment with a little more Lao talk.

We checked in at a deserted guesthouse, that sits right on the Mekong and then took a tuc-tuc out a few kilometres down the road to Wat Phou. A cool little temple, 'Mountain Monastery' actually is thought to pre-date the Angkor temples of Cambodia, believed to have been built back in the sixth century. It's charm and draw lies in the fact it's been left to rest in a run-down and ancient state, allowing you to cast your imagination back to how it may have stood all those many years ago. The Hindu carvings around the sanctuary building were also really cool, something I find myself more and more interested in. Maybe I'll become a Sikh.