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Back to Phnom Penh again

Written on: Friday January 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Once again back in the Cambodian capital, this time for a couple of days in order for us to get our Lao visas to permit us to enter through the unofficial border in the north of Cambodia. But we made exceptional use of our time here as is to be expected.


We still hadn?t seen the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda which were supposedly highlights of Phnom Penh so our last afternoon was spent checking those out but to be honest they were pretty run of the mill, and nowhere near in the same league as the Angkor temples, although the scale model of Angkor Wat they have there was quite impressive. We were both quite bored by the time we found the Silver Pagoda and instead of offering topical conversation to one another we instead decided on an ice cream each and a tuc-tuc back to No. 10 Lakeside.


Here like other places we?ve been we quite coincidentally ran in to a bunch of friends we made in another place. This time we ran straight in to Jack, Eva and Evalina from our Trans Siberian jaunt. The funniest thing was Eva and Evalina didn?t even know Jack was in Phnom Penh. It made a nice night sitting on the lakeside that evening catching up on each other travels since we last saw each other.


The other notable visits this time round were Wat Phnom that I visited, and ended up spending most of the afternoon with a bunch of monkeys. No not a bunch of northern people I hear you cry, but a real bunch of monkeys that were running around fighting with one another and sitting back in the cool evening breeze, knawing on watermelon.