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Written on: Thursday January 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Around The World Without A Plane

Sihanoukville wasn't much of a relax and recovery period at all really, so it seemed fitting that we finish it off the way we started, with a little added fizz of course. By 7:30pm we were fighting an out of control fire that was threatening not only Tranquility Guesthouse, where we were staying but most of the other guesthouses on that stretch of beach. Volunteering ourselves for the water line, passing bucket upon bucket of water up a hill where the fire was blowing, we then decided we deserved a well earnt beer which turned in to several and before we knew it, it was half past five in the morning. So leaving at 8pm, with a full days' travel in front of us and some sightseeing to boot turned in to a bit of a sleep deprivation day.

Our main excursion of the day lay between Sihanoukville and Kampot, the now abandoned town of Bokor, which is now a National Park, with the feeblest excuse for a road we've ever seen leading up to it. After about an hour an a half bumping at a manic speed, overtaking everything in our way in our severely suspension understrained Toyota Camry. The mini-village complete with post office and casino was abandoned after the Khmer Rouge took centre stage in Cambodia, with several of the buildings baring the gun shot marks of the struggles during that time. Originally the area was a royal playground for when King Sihanouk was in his prime.

The highlight of the day though was the almost 3 month wait for me to get a basketball back in my hand. In Kampot, a small riverside town, I finally found a basketball court and fortuitously a bunch of guys who had just turned up with a ball to play. Slightly strange to find myself the biggest guy on the court, but I took no time in to finding my natural niche as a centre, as I'd so long assumed.

We only stayed a night in the sleepy quiet town before once again heading up to Phnom Penh, for our third visit to the country's capital.